Friday, January 18, 2008

Going commando... not as easy as it sounds!

So yesterday morning as I was getting Ben dressed for school he asked me, "Mommy, can I go commando for nigh nigh tonight?" Now are around this house, going commando at night time means going to bed with only pajamas, no underwear and no overnight diaper pull ups. I blinked several times to buy time and responded with a detailed conversation in 3 yr old language. This means he cannot go pee pee in his bed because he would get all wet and cold, and he would have to get out of his bed in the middle of the night and go pee pee in the potty. He shook his head in agreement at all the arguments I had. I ended the conversation with him by clarifying even further - more for me than for him - so tonight you are going to bed with only your pajamas, no nigh nigh diaper, right......and with a huge smile Ben exclaimed - YES!!!

So we get home and he enthusiastically advised daddy of his new commando status post shower time. He WILL NOT be wearing nigh nigh diapers anymore. Mike looked at me with concern and I said we were going to give it a try. Now I am much more willing to go down this road because he has been waking up in a dry diaper for a couple of months now. He knows to go to the poty first thing when he wakes up, so he is probably ready to take this step.

Shower time comes, the pep talk is given again, and Ben puts on his pajamas without a night time diaper with great excitement:

8:15 - Off to bed they march
8:30 - Bed
9:00 - pitter patter of small feet in our bedroom - okay, let's go pee pee for good measure and send you back to bed. Daddy is upstairs and advises me he has already pee pee'd twice in the potty before this.
9:15 - pitter patter pitter patter....Ben? What is he problem? He squeals and climbs into bed with me...." I cannot close my eyes" Well - try!! Send him back upstairs
9:30 - see above
9:45 - alright Ben - that is enough!!! I start to threaten him with the fact that I was going to put his diaper back on him if he didn't stay in his bed. He nods yes. Wait a minute.... are you nodding yes because you understand? Ben, do you want to put your diaper back on? Slow nod yes. If I put your diaper on will you go to bed and stay there? Slow nod yes.

So I put the overnight pull up on, he sighs with relief, runs upstairs, and goes to bed.

Apparently going commando is harder than it seems. He might as well have been an adolescent teen sleeping on satin sheets for the first time. It was too much to handle and he needed the protection of extra padding just to get to sleep.....

Maybe next time......

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