Monday, May 05, 2008

He's great!!!!

We are already home and he is doing great!!

Everything came back normal and fine other than enlarged tonsils and adenoids and now they are all history!

Waking up from anesthesia was awful, but when the nurse asked him if he wanted to go home, he stopped crying, nodded his head and laid it on my chest.

He is being nice and following requests, "Would you like a bite of popsicle?" Nods yes, takes a small bite then gives you this look like are you happy?!? okay, no thank you, I do not want any more!

I took these pics just now... He did smile when he opened the transformer, but it was brief. I asked him to smile for the camera (out of habit) and he shook his head no and whispered, "I'm sick."

Okay, that's all for now.... off to snuggle and watch Toy Story 2!!

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