Saturday, May 03, 2008

It is still a "GO"

So they did not cancel Ben's surgery. We are a go for Monday morning at 9 AM.

We are spending the weekend talking about what is going to happen on Monday. We have explained to him that the doctor wants to take out all the gunky stuff in his throat that makes him throw up. We have told him that we are going to the doctor's work, it's called a hospital, and that he is going to take a nap and when he wakes up from his nap his throat is going to hurt, but that means that the doctor took the gunkers out and he would be all better and stop throwing up in a couple of days.

So far he is completely okay with all of it. I think he has been poked and prodded so much the past few days, that he thinks, "How bad could it be?!?"

I was right about my concerns with Max though. One of the reasons I have delayed talking about it is because Max, Mr. Questions, goes into overdrive when he doesn't understand something. And sure enough:
Mommy, what do you mean he is going to the hospital?
How does the doctor do it?
Does it hurt?
Is he going to be okay?
Is daddy going to go, or is he going to work?
Mommy, why do I have to go to school?
Mommy, I was such a good helper, you may need me, mommy, I need to be with Ben!!

All of these questions and more came in rapid succession when we were sitting down to talk about it. Luckily, Max was talking so fast that it flew over Ben's head. I explained to Max that a hospital is for adults only unless you are sick, and since he was not the one who was sick, he couldn't come, but I promised him as soon as we got Ben home, we would come get him to make sure Ben was okay.

So.... I cannot sleep. This is worse than if it were me. I am trying to keep occupied to make the time go faster. I know everything will be fine, but, Good Lord, this is hard!

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