Sunday, May 04, 2008

I've been good... considering.

So I have only cried twice. I have teared up several times and have not slept well for several days, but I have only had 2 big cries. Once when I was checking out of the grocery store looking at all the different puddings, popsicles, juices, ice cream, apple sauce, etc. that I had on the conveyor belt and I said a little prayer hoping that he would show interest in at least some of it. And one really big cry as I was putting it all away in our kitchen and I was explaining to Mike how I had cried in the grocery store.

I gotta go try and get some sleep. I have to wake up in about 5 hrs. We check in to the hospital at 7:00 and surgery is at 9:00. All prayers for an uneventful surgery and speedy recovery will be greatly appreciated!

The below picture was taken Christmas a YEAR AGO and it shows his enlarged tonsils even then - hopefully after tomorrow we will say goodbye to all the infections, colds, and fevers that have plagued my poor child most of his life!

A funny side note:

Max was having a hard time understanding the extra attention for Ben. SO I sat him down to have a one on one conversation with him. I explained to him that Ben was getting gifts and new pajamas because Ben was sick and how after going to the hospital and waking up from his nap, his throat was really going to hurt and people felt bad so they were giving him presents to make him feel better. So then off to bed everyone went and I am laying in bed and I hear the following conversation over the baby monitor:

Max: Hey Ben... ya know when you go to the doctor's work, the hospital? Well when you wake up from your nap your throat is REALLY REALLY gonna hurt!! You are not gonna be able to eat or drink....


So I tried the talk again. I explained to him that yes, what he was saying is true, and yes, we have talked to Ben about it, but he DOES NOT need to talk about it with Ben!! Just don't worry about it!! Catch a bubble and keep it inside, okay?!?!

Max heads back upstairs and I hear the following as he is climbing back up into his bunk bed:

Max: Hey, Ben.... I am not gonna tell you how bad it is gonna hurt.... nope, it is a secret locked up in my heart... I am NOT gonna tell you!

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