Monday, August 25, 2008

1st Day of School

Oh my, my, my.......

First day of school... my sweet, baby, angel, first born had his FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL today!!! Needless to say I was all vklempt!

The early rising was a bit rough, the lights were slightly brighter than usual, but we managed to rub the sleep out of our eyes and get dressed for school. We had picked our first day of school outfit the night before (we even picked out Mommy's outfit).

I took Ben to daycare school so that we could have the morning to Max, and when I returned, he was dressed for school and helping daddy pack his lunch box. We combed his hair and he saw that mommy and daddy's bed was made, so he was determined to make his bed - so upstairs we went to make his bed. Then down to the breakfast table... which we ate maybe half of our usual.

Then .... time for pictures.....

Obligatory pic with daddy:

Obligatory pic with mommy:

Time to load up into the car:

Cool Transformer backpack? Check!

Cool Batman lunch box? Check!

We head to school, mommy driving, mommy loses it for the first time at the 1st light out of our neighborhood! I quickly turn on favorite rock and roll song ( I like to move it, move it!) to keep things up beat. We head to the school - too many cars, no where to park - okay, Max, you are gonna have to show daddy your new classroom - (start crying again, me that is).... NO WAIT!! Some one is leaving... park.

Head into new school:

Max is about 10 paces ahead of us, which is great, because I wanted to make sure he knew how to get to his classroom.

And here we are..... big smiles, big excitement... big hugs from our teacher! No kiss goodbye, just a wave.... and mommy turns quickly so he doesn't see me cry.... again.

I cry all the way home.....

My kindergarten.

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