Wednesday, August 27, 2008

It is such a MOM thing

We are trying to get into our new schedule of school time. One thing that has struck me very hard is that this is the first time our family has been apart of something really cliche and stereotypical. So far, I have felt like my young family has been trucking along on the outskirts of life, minding our own business, doing our own things, our own way. This is the first time we have joined the rank and file of a system when it relates to our family. Dropping Max off and picking him up from school... waiting in the "car rider" pick up line for half an hour, car after car, kid after kid...everyone knowing their part.... I felt like such a MOM. Not Becky, not mommy, not a wife or a friend or whatever... a MOM, doing a MOM thing, in a MOM way.

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