Monday, November 01, 2004


7:26... yes, ladies & gents... at 7:26 we handed out the last of the 180 bags of candy that we had put together for our little "neighborhood" trick or treaters. Emphasis on "neighborhood" because I honestly do not think 95% of them even live in the neighborhood.

Some of my favorite moments of the hallow's eve festivities:
1. Obese children: Wait!!! Do not judge this entry until you have read the entire post!! I know what it is like to be over weight... I came into this world at 11 lbs and remained "above average" for the rest of my life. But this was absolutely intolerable. We see this suv with the back doors open going from house to house. We don't pay much attention until it gets closer and we realize there are too overweight children in the back. The mom pulls up in front of our house and these 2 children (not in costume) hop out the back, walk up to us for candy, walk back to the car, hop back into the back of the car as the mother then proceeds to the next walk way of the next house.....SERIOUSLY!!!!!
2. Grandma trick or treating: Yes... not one, not two, but THREE grandma's with their own bags (not representing young children, but their own bags) coming up behind the large group of children to get their own goodie bag... we are talking 75-80 year old women!!!!
3. Pillow case or dollar store trick or treat bags....
4. Playing the sugar game... yes I admit I am a bad mother... thank goodness my sister is too so we could play this game together. There is a fine line with young children when it comes to sugar. If you see them going down the road of too much sugar that is when you slightly push them over the edge so that you have a sufficient crash to get them to sleep. I do not play this game very often and I acknowledge this game will one day backfire and I will be up until 3 AM with a wired child.

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Em said...

#1 pisses me off! #2 would be okay as long as they were in costume! the first #3 (you into 3s?) is just ghetto. the second #3 - i'm right there with you!