Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Hearing Voices

Yes... I am hearing voices.

I do not think that I am going crazy because I am perfectly aware that what I am hearing is crazy and impossible. Last night I woke up 4 times clealry hearing a man's voice speaking in my ear. Not just voices in your head... like random thoughts or comments, but in my ear like a bug flying around. I am dreaming along when totally unrelated I am jarred awake by a random comment unrelated to the dream.
I do not remember the 1st comment.
The second comment was "Did you remember to make the car payment?" We don't have any car payments.
The third was " I want my mommy" I started to get up thinking Mike rescued Max and he needed mommy to hold him, but by the time I was standing I see Mike sleeping soundly next to me.. now I am getting irritated. I tell Mike what has happened all night long.
The fourth was my name being yelled at me to get up.."BECKY!" I get up put my glasses on walk into the living room where Mike is getting ready for work. I assume he is running late and needs my help to get going.
I say "what do you need"..
He looks at me very worried and says "I don't need anything"
"Then why did you you yell at me to wake up?"
"Babe, I didn't say a word"
"Yes you did... you yelled ,'BECKY!'"
"Oh Honey... you have had a bad night... I didn't call you... I haven't said a word"

So now it is not enough that I am getting these little stretches of sleep, but now I am being awakened by some voice in my ear during the little time that I am sleeping!!

If it is a ghost, it better be prepared to defend it's ass.. I am a woman on the edge who likes her sleep!

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Em said...

Holy crap! You are losing it! Or maybe it's your dad - that would not surprise me at all! Why he's asking about your car payment I don't know. But the other possibility is that you are off your rocker and I'd rather think it was your dad. :)