Tuesday, November 09, 2004


I seem to be strolling down memory lane a lot lately. Not sure if it is because my life right now is too chaotic and boring that I prefer to think of the good ole days, or what... but since I am strolling I thought I would take you on a walk:

Amazed, Lone Star: Mike and I dancing to several songs in our apartment trying to decide what our wedding song was going to be and him saying that this was it because he fell more and more in love with me the more we were together.

With Arms Wide Open, Creed: Being pregant with Max.

Summer nights, Grease: holding Tiff and & Em's hands as we watched the bouncing ball sing-a-long version on New Year's Eve in North Carolina.

House of the Rising Sun: My dad, my dad, my dad..... all conversation ceased and the music blared so loud you would think the car windows would shatter from the base.

The Sun will Rise, Lion King (Broadway): Sitting in my back yard in Texas with my feet in the pool listening to Allison play this song in New York and wishing I could fly through the stars to be there with her.

Is it over Yet? Wynnona: Me, Kyle and Hollie sitting on our "porch", smoking until wee hours of the morning with this song on repeat.

Because You Loved Me, Celine Dion: Tiff... out of no where in the car said she dedicated this song to me.

Hold on my Heart, Phil Collins: Prom weekend.. more specifically driving home form prom weekend on the sea wall in Galveston remebering I would never forget that moment.

Black Velvet: Almost losing my "innocence".

New York State of Mind, Billy Joel: Allison and Todd, Brooklyn apartment, the view of one tiny piece of the World Trade Center in the window.

Girl you know it's true, Milli Vanilli: Calling 104 and talking to the morning DJ and swearing to be a witness to them not lip sync-ing at Astroworld the weekend before!!

Canon in D, Pachabel: All weddings I have ever been too... way more so than the wedding march itself.

Care to add any?

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Bekah said...

I get carried away, George Strait - dating my husband and then marry him.. It ended up being our wedding song.

Nashville Blues, Corey Morrow (sp? - it's late) - being pregnant with Sarah. I would hear the song and blare it!

The Lion sleeps tonight, ?? - my brothers and sister - all of us screaming it on road trips.

Don't tell Audrey that I don't have a song yet for her...poor second child....