Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Reminiscing like Rock Stars

So this past Friday night I went out with Allison to celebrate her 30th birthday. No, she didn't turn 30 this past month, but I am late with everything and there were extenuating circumstances around her birthday.
I decided that I was going to take her to see "Greater Tuna" at the new Stafford Center. I have always wanted to see it and I knew that she had talked about it all the time, but it wasn't until we got there and I could hear her quoting most of the show that I had any idea how important this show was to her. If you are not familiar with the show, it is based in smalltown Tuna, Texas. Two male actors play all the roles in the show which roughly add up to 10 or so characters each, both male and female. To my shock, Allison tells me that she had never seen this show in it's entirety even though she knew it backwards and forwards. As we are watching this 2 hour show, I suddenly see where Allison has gotten her base in comedy. Not that anyone would really recognize it if they saw this show and then saw Allison perform, but the timing, the choices that actors made, the simplicity and the grandness of the story and it's details. It was like watching the wheels in Allison's head turning on stage.
For those of you who do not know, Allison and I have made several attempts to write a show together, great starts we never seem to get back to... well we started again. Within 10 minutes of intermission Allison and I had written the basic shell of a show. We never know if anyone else is going to think it is funny, but it is very entertaining to us(... luckily in the past, the few people wo have read our scripts thought they were funny, too). I will keep you posted on any developments in that area... maybe we will even try out parts of it here... who knows!
After the show, we went to a restaurant to talk and have drinks (oh how I wish mine could have had the bacardi in it!) It is the closest we have found in the neighborhood to our old stomping grounds in NY, "The Pig 'N Whistle". Oh did we have good times there... stayed up way too late talking, losing track of time, and having our husbands call us to remind us that we do not have the money to take a cab back to Queens so what the hell were we doing out so late! Well, we managed to get comfortable in our Pig 'N Whistlesque booth and reminisce like rock stars for hours. Good times.. not so good times... good times together... good times apart... just catch up and remember why we have been such amazing friends for the past 10 yrs. It felt good down to the soul.
I have this theory when it comes to soul friends... we all got on this highway of life and started traveling down the road. Sometimes it was fast and fun and the music was rocking. Sometimes traffic was slow and the air conditioning was broke. Then somewhere we all hit downtown with several different routes we could take... exit and take the inner streets, take the loop and go around, or just continue on course and go straight through to the other side. But they all end up on the other side... and thanks to cell phones we can talk and keep in touch even though our routes may not be the same right now.

So to all my traveling soul friends... thank you for the great ride... I hope our routes haven't gotten too far apart that we can't meet up every now and again on the other side of downtown.

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