Wednesday, January 12, 2005

The 700 Club

Thanks for coming to visit just this one time or all the times that you have come to visit. I know that my measly 700 hits does not compete with those who have thousands, but I am kind of proud of my little blog following.
I can honestly say that most of my blogs are written in the heat of purging. I don't think about what I have posted until I come back later and think, "Oh my goodness... why did I share that?" or "I hope people don't take that the wrong way!" or "Who the hell cares about that?" life's thoughts and experiences over the past 4 months have been shared here with no major complaints from the peanut gallery. I have never kept a journal this long so that in itself is a major accomplishment for me. I think I have 2 boxes full of beautiful journals that I have purchased since puberty with the intention of self therapy through journaling. Who knew that I would accomplish so much more through group therapy blogging. I call it group therapy because part of this process is not just writing here, but visiting others to read their stories.
It's funny... I came in here in a rage after a long day, just wanting to escape for awhile so that I do not pick a fight with my husband,(a favorite past time when I am in a tizzy). It was then when I looked at my site and saw that I hit 700 and started this blog, and I am already starting to breathe a little deeper and forget what wound me up in the first place.
Group therapy is good....
Hi, my name is Rebecca, but most call me Becky.
I am a lifeaholic.
This is my blog therapy.

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