Monday, January 24, 2005

Major Trauma Drama at Babys R Us

We did it to ourselves, My sister and I were feeling ambitious. Both of us had errands to do, both of us have husbands away, both have no desire to tackle the outside world by ourselves with children who out number us.
So here we are, 2 against 5 (breaking down into ages 5, 2, 2, 5 months and 7 weeks). We start the day at McDonalds, let them run off a little energy. Now this tactic can backfire, if they burn off too much energy we will end up with cranky tired children who have had improper nutrition and no decent nap.
Next stop, haircuts. Again, pushing the envelope with the 2 two year olds, but we are doing okay because we take them to Cool Cuts for Kids that has them seated in small cars watching Elmo & Bob the Builder.
Moving on to Sam's.... very quick stop but extremely boring to the troops. We move quickly trying to keep them in the carts and not stopping to browse at any location for too long... key is to keep them moving and trick them into thinking we are almost done.
Last stop... Babys R Us. Here is where we went to far. By now it is between 5 and 6 o'clock. We are tired and can't quite remember exactly what we are here for. Kids are getting ansy and hungry again, especially the babies. The 5 year old has lost total control of is actions.
Here is where the trauma comes in. Picture this: two carts waiting to check out. Cart #1 two year old and 7 week old. Cart #2, two year old in basket, 5 month old in seat of basket in one of those floppy things that puts them in a germ free pillowy cocoon. Five year old comes running and jumps on side of Cart #2 which brings basket and all it's contents (toddler and infant) CRASHING TO FLOOR!! Here is the only good thing about what has just happened... we are in Babys R Us... everyone shopping here is either a mother, mother to be, or shopping for a mother to be. Entire store of maternal instinct comes rushing to hot zone before anyone even hits the floor. And this is a good thing because total melt down has commenced. The 5 month old is crying out of shock, but no damage thanks to pillowy floppy thing. Two year old is crying, but quickly subdued by pacifier that she still clutches on to for dear life, no major damage. Five year old shaking and crying with the fear of God that his mother is going to kill him... who is shaking because her instinct is to do just that but she is in a public place and there would be witnesses. 7 week old starts crying because the chaos has woken him up and he is hungry and the other two year old is crying because no one will give him the goldfish crackers he was about to get before the Titanic started going down minutes before.
Moral of the story? I have no idea... it is 1 o'clock in the morning and I have had a stressful day... Can any of you find the moral in this story?


ME said...

You know what the moral of the story is.... Don't do toooooo much.As you Randall women are prone to. NOw Go get some sleep. Try to stop cussing your husband(yes I know you have been) and remeber this is only for two weeks. You may have to scale back a bit in the adventure department. But I promise you will be fine. All my love to the the fab 5 kiddies and their moms.

J said...

Moral of the story... No Dora the Explorer Crap with all the children all day long!