Friday, September 23, 2005

Hurricane Rita: Friday 11 AM

I must stop watching the damn TV. Between the constant stopping and rewinding of the the radar, the ticker at the bottom of the screen, watching all of the miserable people who have been stuck in their cars for 10-20 hours.... I am getting dizzy.
My heart is absolutely broken for the Bus that burst into flames killing 24 patients. We had a patient at that nursing home. I am sure she was not one of the ones that was included in that bus, but just the idea of these poor helpless people who cannot function without assistance... exhausted from an 18 hour journey and trapped by fire. It is just so sad.
It is hard to pray for a storm to go away knowing that it just means that it is now going to be on the doorstep of soemone else who is not prepared. It is hard to exhale and put your gaurd down, when they keep saying they really have no idea. It is hard to say thank goodness we are on the "clean" side of the storm when the clean side is gonna get 50-75 mile/hour wind.
We are still staying here. We have plenty of supplies. My home is structured in a way that it is still considered to be relatively safe.

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