Thursday, September 22, 2005

HUrricane Rita: Thursday 1 PM

I am starting to slowly exhale....
It looks like it is going to continue to track further East. It is still one hell of a storm, but the anxiety of should we stay or should we go has subsided. It is very difficult to go anywhere now, so we really don't have a choice but to stay. This has been a really great excuse to re-decorate. I spent the majority of last night preparing our offices, then today preparing the house and taking all the important pictures and paperwork ad plaing them in a plastic bin to grab in case we do decide to leave, or in case we do have damage at least the stuff I really care about can be in boxes and in the central part of the house protected.
In college we had a fire at my house and I lost everything. Since then, I do understand the importance of stuff just being stuff, but the idea of losing everything again was overwhelming. Trying to re-build.. again.
I know that we are not out of the clear just yet.
I have a headache
My stomache and shoulders are in knots
Up and down ... up and down....

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