Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Moments you just don't want to forget

I was home today with a sweet little 1 yr old with rip-roaring ear infections in both ears. This morning we had to "pretend" our usual ritual in order for me to get the 3 yr old to school without a bigger than usual "NO SCHOOL" tantrum. We get Max to school and to his class. Then we start our way out the door with a very perplexed Ben. He kept looking in the direction of his class and looking at me with a, "Yo.. woman... you are forgetting something" expression. We get home and slowly Ben starts to get it....me... mommy... me....mommy.....no daddy... no max..... just ME & MOMMY!!!!!! We had such a lovely time playing in between tylenol and motrin highs. And I actually got some work done during the tylenol and motrin induced naps.
This evening I was finishing up some work while Daddy took over bath duties, I hear him call from the bathroom...."the little one is ready", a usual cry to come and start the process of drying, dressing, and settling down for night, night. I come down the hall and turn into the bathroom to see a site that warmed my whole body. All my boys in the tub... ALL my boys...Max and Ben were busting out of the seams that Daddy was in the bath and enjoying the toys as much as they were.

I have a picture, but I promised my love that I would not share it with the WORLD WIDE WEB.

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