Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Is it evil not to warn a 3 year old that a shot is imminent within the next 3 seconds......

So big red and little red had their check-ups this morning. Both are doing great and growing like oak trees (they are both in the 95% of everything). They were both so great and so cooperative that it killed me that I knew how this visit with "Daka Milla" was going to end.. she starts with hugs and kisses, but then she sends in those evil women with needles... lots of needles.... Ben got 4.... Max 1. Max was laying there smiling and flirting with the nurse.
"Now mommy is gonna hug you real tight...can you take a deep breath for me? 1....2....3....."
His face had the most pathetic, "WTF" look on it and big tears came streaming down. We both attack him with high pitched..."I know, I know.. it's okay, it's over... All done!" And he pantingly looked at us through tears like... "Well, what they hell did we do that for?"
Then it was Ben's turn... luckily being an amazing big brother he kept patting Ben's tummy and saying in the same high pitched voice he had just heard, "It's okay, baby Ben..."
Then we had to go get lab work drawn on Ben. The tech couldn't get it on the first arm after fishing for what seemed like an eternity in "mommy time". She gave up and went to go get more supplies to try the other arm. On take two, Max had enough of that woman making his brother cry, so he pushes his way between me and the tech to get to Ben, "Please don't cry baby Ben, it's okay, it's okay" The tech raised her voice to Max and he looked so hurt. I wanted to slap the tech, but instead I turned my attention to Max and let him know that she wasn't hurting Ben, and how proud I was that he wanted to help Ben.

I plan to print and frame this post in their room for easy access so that when they are killing each other in a few years I can remind them that there was a time when they cared for each other....

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