Monday, February 12, 2007


I don't have time for free form thought, I must resort to lists. I do this when the details overwhelm the journey. So, here we are:

- Grandparents - panicked when my mother went to get them and return to Houston. They decided to give an assisted living place one more look. It is wondereful. We went down the next weekend and helped them move in to an apartment. Took the best of a 3 bedroom house and put it into their apartment... only catch... my grandmother wants a 2 bedroom...what is wrong with the women in my family??? We always need just ONE more room and then all would be perfect!

- School - kicking my patooty right now. Not that it is hard, but it is a lot of theory thrown at you, and I am a "give it to me when I need it so I can use it" kind of person. Problem arises, research problem, solve problem. Plus I am watching the days countdown to my content test and I have barely cracked a book.

- House - WHEN DID WE GET ALL THIS CRAP?!?!?! Boxing, packing, moving packed boxes from one room to the next.... no official closing date yet, but will keep you posted.

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