Sunday, February 18, 2007

Somebody's getting married.......

For those of you who have read my blog awhile, you may remember a couple of blogs referring to a nasty situation that was hurting someone I love very was my sister and the very nasty breakup and divorce of her marriage. It was hard, unexpected, aweful, and ugly. But it was over and my sister came out on the other side a stronger woman. She was able to work through the anger and pain. She was able to pull herself out of the drama and learn from the lesson.

Well, last year she met someone. A wonderful someone. A someone who made her realize what love truly means, what partnership means, and how a healthy happy relationship can help both souls reach and surpass their common goals. We were so happy to see her so happy, her children so happy, and the new light that was shining for their new extended/blended family.

And now to make it official, they are getting married. I just couldn't be happier for my big sister. I think Victor is wonderful. I think he brings out the best in my sister. I think his children are great and their presence in my neice and nephews lives has brought them great joy and happiness.

Congrats, my loving sister... you deserve it more than anyone I know!!

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