Friday, February 23, 2007


Tomorrow is the big day. I take my content test tomorrow, the first of many hurdles I must jump in order to get certified to teach.

2:00 - please send all prayers, white light, good ju ju, or even a small kind thought my way to help me.

I am either going to pass it with flying colors or I am going to fail it miserably. One of the problems with preparing for this test was the lack of study guides, prep materials. The one study guide from the state paid much more attention on HOW to take the test, and not necessarily what content you should be studying. The people I emailed who had taken the test recently all said, well there were soem parts that were hard, but mostly it was okay and I passed.... well THAT doesn't help me much!!! Do I need to know how iambic pentameter further advanced the depths of Shakespeare's plays or do I just need to know that there was a guy named Shakespeare?!?!

I am very confident. What I studied was a great review overall. I felt good that most of the time as I was studying was a stroll down, "Oh yeah, I remember that!" rather than, "What the hell is that?!?! I don't remember anything like that!"

Any hoo... test tomorrow... no results for 4 weeks.... luckily I will have packing the rest of the house, move to new house, put in new floors/countertops in new house, unpack in new house, settle/adjust in new house to occupy my thoughts until I get results.

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