Thursday, February 15, 2007

Tag! I'm it!

So a great distraction from packing/studying has come my way in the form of a blogger tag from the Giggling Universe. Hold on to your seats... the following is


1. My husband and I have never made love the same way twice in 8 years
2. I rehearse dialogue in my head/out loud all the time - in the car, in the mirror, etc. I will come up with scenarios in my head and think of how I will respond to them, how I will phrase a resonse. I will work out difficult conversations in my head before I have the conversation just so I can be prepared and not freeze or miss an opportunity to share how I really feel.
3. I love to get dirty... like gritty grimy nasty oily hair dirty just so I can truly enjoy a shower and how clean I am afterwards.
4. I am petrified of bees/wasps/flying stinging bugs even though I know I am much bigger than they are and the sting would probably not hurt as bad as it does in my mind. The really sad thing is that my children have picked up on my sheer terror and silence and now they do it.
5. I am obsessed with popping zits/boils... and not just my own. The bigger, the nastier, the better!
6. If I am in the passenger seat of a car with an emergency brake in between me and the driver, I want to pull it, just to see what would happen. I will even secretly hold it and mentally DARE myself to just it.... you know you want to...PULL IT!!!

This was actually really fun to think of.... so I am going to tag
Tiff (Yes, I know you are not blogging, but do it in the comments)
JuJuBee because I know she is packing right now too and deserves a break.
The Princess since she just finished moving/unpacking.
Rich Girl Poor Girl because she just started a new job, career, passion!
The Mommy Files because after her most recent weird brazillian waxing story just after her Justin Timberlake stalking, I am sure she has a great list!!
SunShine because even the brightest sunshine has dirty little weird secrets!

and last but not least...

April Fool because she just got a new beau, "Ted", and he needs to know the weird stuff too!!

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