Monday, October 11, 2004

9 1/2 weeks

And no... I am not referring to the movie. There are absolutely no similarities between that movie and my life right now!

It is roughly 9 1/2 weeks until my scheduled c-section, December 15th. Last week I cornered my husband, Mike, and expressed to him the sheer panic of the thought that we were going to be having yet another babe in our house! Now, we are a little more prepared for this one than we were with Max, but we are still not ready. I told Mike that there was a very short list of things that absolutely had to be done before this child arrives:

1. Laminate floors: All new parents should have laminate floors. I am not a good enough house keeper to have carpet. That combined with a husband who wears nothing but mud tracking work boots and a child who spent the 1st year of his life with projectile spit up adds up to one incredibly dirty light beige carpet.
2. "Max's Room" converted to "Max & Ben's Room": This appears on the outside to be a very simple task, but because of our busy schedule recently it keeps getting pushed further and further away. (and yes... I know Ben won't know and he is going to be sleeping in the bassinet for a while...but I will know!) Grandma bought Max a big boy bed over a month ago and it lays in boxes waiting to be put together along one of Max's walls.
3. The back office room conversion: I want to be one of those women... you know.. organized with pretty baskets full of little projects to enlighten the life of your family and those around you. I have had the layout for this project sketched for over a year. I know exactly what and where I want to buy everything that will make my happy homemaker dreams come true. Paper to reality... very big leap!

#1. Accomplished
#2. Again, boxes on the floor
#3. 3/4 of the room painted

I know we can get this done in the next 9 1/2 weeks... I pray and plead we can get this done in the next 9 1/2 weeks.

Oh yeah...
4. Decorate for Christmas: I will not bring my new son home during my favorite holiday without a Christmas tree... so even if I have to get those stupid decorations up weeks before Thanksgiving... I WILL HAVE CHRISTMAS EXPLODED ALL OVER MY HOME!!


Em said...

hang in there! it will all get done - or at least the stuff that matters will get done. if you need us to keep max one saturday so you can work on one of the rooms let me know - we love having him over!

ME said...

Ok, You know what i am going to say so don't make me. Breath, Smile, be happy, and yes it is ok to put Christmas up before thanksgiving. I have been doing that since I was 20.