Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Crazy Horrible Dreams

Okay dream analysts... bring out your books and theories...

Last night I had 2 very distinct dreams that I don't think are related, but hey who knows. You never see things as well as others see them.

It starts out with me sitting in a room with several other people and we are being held hostage by some middle eastern group. Then it slowly morphs into a bunch of ladies that are being held captive at some Nazi prison camp, but the soldiers were being very attentive, not mean. And at some point I am on the phone with someone and he is trying to tell me how I can escape when I look up to a second floor to see one of the soldiers eaves dropping on the conversation, and I panic. I see the soldier hang up the phone and start to tell the other soldiers and I start crying and talking very quickly to the other girls, saying "I am so sorry, I am so sorry... I was just trying to figure out a way for us to escape and I blew it, I blew it!" Then the soldiers start looking at us very disappointed like, "why did you go and do that, now we have no choice!" And then they all start to abandon the building and leave. All the ladies go crazy because we all know that they are going to do something serious like blow up the building, or start mass shootings to kill us all and we have no were to go!

Then it quickly shifts to this other dream where I am going to this house. I go inside and it is some sort of daycare. I see Max, but we don't leave write away and just hang around playing. Then this woman walks up and Max runs into her arms and they start to leave. I start to go after him, but the daycare worker says, "Mam, just let him go home with his mother" I lose it! I start screaming that he is my son, not hers and then next thing I know Mike and my mother are there begging me to calm down saying, "Becky, you don't have a son, what are you talking about?" I am crying that cry that you can't breathe because you are crying so hard, to the point I wake myself up because I am not breathing and about to cry.

What the hell?


Em said...

not sure about the first one - but the second one seems like you are getting worried about having a second baby and max not belonging to you may be you projecting what you think he will feel - just a thought.

i know the kind of cry you are talking about and it's horrible! i hate waking up from something like that.

pregnancy hormones....what can you do?

Bekah said...

I'd be willing to bet money it's probably the pregnancy hormones...they always made me have crazy, VIVID dreams! But, I agree with Em, the second one does sound like a little anxiety about having the two children....bad dreams suck!

Kyle said...

The first dream is a little strange, either you feel trapped by decision other people have made and by circumstance that are not of your making or you just watched Tea with Mussolini.

The second I would bet is your subconscious telling you to let go of any doubts you may have about the direction of your life and motherhood, that you have made good decisions, etc.

or you just watched Not Without My Daughter.

what do I know?