Monday, October 18, 2004

Max's Big Boy Bed!

Yes.. it is official. My firstborn is no longer in a crib! I thought this was going to be a difficult transition, but as of day one, we are doing great!

We wanted to make it a surprise, but like his mother, Max does not like surprises. Mike tried disappearing into his bedroom to take apart the crib and assemble the bed, but Max just opened the door and asked, " whassis? wha doin?" Daddy advised that this was a surprise, but as soon as he saw Daddy's tools, any attempt to shoo him away was futile! Max loves tools! And don't try to fool him with the baby versions of tools... no way! He knows which are which and he knows how to use them (ie screw driver goes into the screw and then into the hole).

So it took the better part of the afternoon with Max's help in between "COW" (Open Range) and "Buzz" (Toy Story), but eventually it was put togther. I then tried to make the bed with his new sheets, comforter, etc... but Max just kept climbing on the bed and "pretending" to sleep. He was just so excited! He kept bringing his sleepy friends (Duck, Teddy, Bear, & Kittie) up on the bed to sleep with him. We did have one minor speed bump when we put the side rail up, but Max's tears soon subsided when we showed him how he could climb up and down on his own at the bottom of the bed.

When it was nigh nigh time, we laid him in his bed, and shut the door . He talked with his "friends" for a couple of minutes then fell asleep. This morning, he called for us, but did not get out of bed until we came in to say good morning!

Okay... okay... I know this was only the first night, but a mommy can dream for an easy transition, can't she?


Em said...

Yeah Max!!!!! Haley's transition to the big bed was equally as easy. She wouldn't get out until we came for her for several months. Being lazy we even called from our room to hers, "it's okay Haley, come to Mommy & Daddy's room" and she'd stay right where she was. Now Abby was a different story all together! I think because Max is a first child it will be easy! Congrats to Max!

ME said...

Glad to hear it. Max is going to be a great big brother. I hope that it continues to go well