Monday, December 06, 2004

Anxious Excited Paralysis

Try staying with me on this one....
I feel like Robert Dinero in "Awakenings". Robin Williams' character had a theory that people who suffered from the comatose state like Robert Dinero's character actually suffered from a severe case of parkinson's or parkinson shakes that literally shakes the muscles into paralysis.
That is what I feel like today. My anxiety level has shot up to a level that has sent me into a state of calm. It's that, "I am going to sit here and do nothing because I am too busy thinking of everything that I cannot manage to figure out what to do first even though there is nothing to do really, except absolutely everything..."
Ever been there?
The outside doesn't move, but the inside is running on this triathalon energy that you can feel running through your bones. The extra sense of calm comes from the fact that you know you are just anxious about what is going to happen in the next few days. I tried very hard to not plan or think out every detail of this part of the journey. Now I feel like I have to rush because I didn't plan the details, though I also know that the details I make up in my head are totally bogus.. it never goes that way, so why bother wasting the energy. I'll tell you why... because the bogus planning is distracting and easy. A whole lot easier than clearing your mind trying to get to a place of focus to make the most of this glorious moment we are about to experience.
I feel like it is the day before going on a big trip to the amusement park. Did I pack everything? What do I want to wear? I can't wait to ride that ride! Oh I hope I do not get dragged on that ride (but actually I do hope someone convinces me to get on that ride!)

P.S... to my pregnant friends out there... and you know who you are.. do not watch any self help shows prior to this state... TLC and Dr. Phil are totally off limits, they just add fuel to the fire that you cannot seem to step away from....

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