Friday, February 18, 2005

Because you asked

NOTE: The following information goes into the TMI category, but because you asked I am answering (with permission from the Village Idiot, himself)

I have referred to my loving husband as Ta Ta, both here and in public for many years. Recently I was asked "why?" Well here ya go:

Nickname: Ta Ta
Full name: His Royal Heiney Ta Ta Poots
Origin: When my husband and I were dating and had gotten to that casual "okay to go there" stage, I informed my husband that I was almost positive that a forest of small woodland creatures had obviously crawled up his ass and died there because he had a Toxic Ass. This was right around the time that I was reading the "Ya Ya Sisterhood" book so I started calling him "Ta Ta", short for Toxic Ass. It just kinda stuck after that.

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its so deadly they named it twice