Sunday, February 27, 2005

United Nations Ambassador

So the owner of the daycare that we send Max & Ben to stopped Mike the other day on his way in to pick him up. He said he had to tell us what a wonderful little boy we had (we knew that, but it is nice to see other people recognize it, too!)
Apparently there is a new kid in Max's class. He is part Chinese, part Hispanic and only speaks those 2 languages. So you can imaginge how hard it has been for this 2 year old to adjust. He has been very scared and anti-social with the class. Max will have none of that. The owner said he spent hours just watching the monitor they have in their class. Max would try to coax this new child to play with the group. When he refused, Max would go get toys and sit down and play with him one-to-one. He said they were talking and laughing and playing together all afternoon!

...I had no idea my son knew Chinese and Spanish... maybe he has a future as a United Nations Ambassador!

P.S. He just rolled his toy box on wheels in here to "make me" something to drink with his toy pots and pan set... a little early for afternoon tea, but hey, this ambassador needs all the practice he can get!

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Becky said...

That's so cute! But, it also goes to show what good parents you guys are b/c you shaped Max's personality. Smart kid!