Saturday, February 05, 2005

Daddy is HOME!!!

There is a reason why movie makers use the age old tear jerker of people coming off the plane to their familes...
So our adventure started after dinner last night. It was a little earlier than normal for bathtime and Max started fussing. I was going to try and not tell him that we were going to pick up daddy, because he doesn't have the concept of time and would expect him to walk through the door instantly. After much crying, I broke.
"We gotta take a bath so we can see Daddy!"
"Yes, baby... daddy is coming home tonight and we have to go pick him up!"
"Yes, Daddy is coming home."
We then sprint to the bedroom yelling, "Daddy...Daddy....Daddy...." at the top of our lungs. While I am getting him undressed he asks, "Where Daddy?" I explain to him that Daddy is in a plane, like Jay Jay (the jet plane, PBS show... for those of you who are blessed not to have to watch toddler shows). The next thing you know, Max is running naked through the house with his arms out like a plane yelling, "Daddy FLY!! Daddy FLY!!!"
Bath time has never been so smooth and quick. I asked him if he wanted to play with his toys and he said no...He just kept chanting Daddy.
So I get him dressed and give Ben a bottle to satisfy him before we get into the car. Max is bringing me all the things that are included in the "Going Outside" ritual. It starts with him dragging Ben's carrier over to us on the couch, pointing and saying, "Baby, IN!" He then points to my naked feet and yells, "Mommy, SHOES!" We finally get everything together and we are in the car off to the airport. The entire time we are intermittenly chanting "Daddy" and pointing to the lights in the he knows those moving lights were airplanes, I have no idea!!
We get to the airport and park the car. Max has already unlocked his door, taken off his seat belt, and opened the door. I gather up Ben and we proceed to the terminal. It is very busy since it is a Friday night. There are lots of people and lots of cars moving very fast. Max is clutching onto my finger as we make our way inside. Max is a little confused and overwhelmed by all the commotion.
Our timing could not have been more perfect. We barely get to the baggage claim when I spot Mike coming from the main terminal.
"Baby...look who I see!"
(Max looks around confused)
"Baby...right there... who is that?"
(Mike from across the room)" BUD! BUD!"
Max sees him and tears off right into his arms, beaming!!
Max was helping by rolling one of Daddy's smaller bags to the car. He kept looking back behind him to make sure that Daddy was still there. The entire way home was the same conversation over and over:
"Yes, Bud, Bud?"
"Hi, baby... I'm still here!"
Going to bed was a challenge, but one that we expected and didn't fight. Max kept yelling for Daddy to come into his room. Eventually Daddy just laid down into his bed until he was trusting enough (and sleepy enough) to know that Daddy was still going to be home in the morning.
Everyone should come home to someone who misses and adores them this much!


Anonymous said...

Welcome home Dad, Rye.

Karen said...

I'm glad your 2-week stint of single-mommyhood is over. Mine ends tomorrow night!

Becky said...

OMG, that was such a cute story. Makes me almost want to have kids. Almost.

ME said...

welcome home to daddy. All our love T