Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Groundhog's Day

One of my favorite movies is Bill Murray's "Groundhog's Day". I remember seeing it in the movie theater. It was so much fun going through all the emotions of going through the same thing over and over again. First it's funny, then ironic, then you want to walk out if it doesn't end, then you are elated (almost sad) that it is over. I have seen it countless times since then. I always stop to watch it when I am channel surfing. I have tried counting the days many times, but I would lose track half way through then make a vow that the next time I watched it I would pay more attention or start a written log or something. If I were young and stupid again, I would invite friends over one night and turn it into a drinking game... wouldn't that be fun? Every time you heard Sonny and Cher's "I've got you babe" on his alarm clock you would have to take a drink!
So, I got to thinking...if I had to pick my "Groundhog's Day", what would it be? If I had to go over the same day over and over again until I got it "right", what day would it be? It would probably be a day that I was forced to confront people. That is one of my big life lessons. I have such a hard time confronting people. I either tend to be a push over or a bitch. Sometimes I spend an hour trying to justify my feelings or worse, I just lie to avoid the confrontation all together, then kick myself for days for not just being honest about my feelings.
So what's your Groundhog's Day? What day do you seem to be living over and over again until you get it "right"?

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