Sunday, March 06, 2005

Happy Birthday, my love!

Dearest Ta Ta,

In honor of your 37th are 37 things I love about you:
1. I love that you walked into the Olive Garden 6 years ago... and walked back in 3 days later to get my number.
2. I love that you took me on walking tour of Manhattan on our first date.
3. I love that you have a heart of gold
4. I love that you never question any of my crazy requests
5. I love that you always support me even when I question myself
6. I love that you blessed our lives with 2 beautiful sons
7. I love that you make both of their faces light up when you enter a room
8. I love that you cut your braids for me...(another post)
9. I love that when I watch you sleep I can see the little boy that lives inside
10. I love that little boy inside
11. I love that you always fake a yawn when something makes you cry
12. I love that everything makes you cry!!
13. I love that I never need a blanket because you keep me warm
14. I love that no matter how we sleep our bodies curve into one another perfectly
15. I love that you cook...incredibly
16. I love that once you have made a friend they are a friend for life
17. I love that you are incredibly loyal to others
18. I love that you are as big as a bear
19. I love that you are as cuddly as a teddy bear
20. I love that you remember all the important dates, even though I usually forget them
21. I love that you love to paint
22. I love that you are good with your hands
23. I love that you always give more than you are asked to
24. I love that you give even when you are never asked
25. I love that you are one of the hardest working people I know
26. I love that you never take yourself too seriously
27. I love that you never take me too seriously
28. I love that you know when to take me seriously
29. I love that your love is unconditional
30. I love that there is not a judgmental bone in your body
31. I love that you know exactly what to do to make me smile
32. I love that you dream bigger than boundaries life gives you
33. I love that your dreams are always about how to make our family's life better
34. I love that every kiss goodbye leaves me looking forward for every kiss hello, again
35. I love that your smile makes my soul flutter
36. I love that your sexy blue eyes makes "something else" flutter
37. I love that I can't wait to finish this list and go snuggle with you and be the first person to wish you a Happy Birthday!

I love you!

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Becky said...

Wow, Becky Mae. What a great post. You and your hubby seem like you have a good thing going. And to me, it seems like you made a good choice to me (per your previous post). I am envious.