Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Oscar, what did they do to you?

My dear sweet Oscar.. I have dreamed of holding you since I was 10. I have had fantasies of walking down red carpets in beautiful gowns and millions of dollars worth of jewelry dripping from my neck and ears. I have beamed at the thought of shaking and crying as I walked down the aisles and up those steps to accept you and thank everyone I have very known! SO what the HELL did they do to you this past Sunday!!!
Since when do we degrade the "lesser" awards by making the nominees stand in a line on stage so that they can face all of the hundreds of people in the audience and millions of people at home when they are rejected. At least when you lost before you could melt into your chair and pretend you weren't there. Or worse yet, they made some get there awards from their seat... unable to fulfill their own childhood fantasies of walking to the stage so that they could cut an extra 15 seconds from the show. This time was then added onto the end of the show when the credits for the director and producers flash across the screen for at least 20 seconds each!!!
And who the hell did Beyonce blow to get that gig? What creative team thought,
"Hmn... who could we get to sing an operetta in French, and a duet for a song that wasn't originally a duet and already beautifully sung by Josh Groban?"
"I know, I know.. that bootylicious girl... "
The only saving grace of the show was that Jaime Foxx got his much deserved Oscar... I just love him! He was wonderful as "Ray" and charming in every interview that I have seen him give.. it's obvious he is just amazed that he is where he is....
P.S... I will still except my invitation to any future Academy Awards Show!


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I think this is the first time you ever said anything remotely nasty in a post (who did Beyonce blow). You go girl! I love Josh Groban and also thought there could've been a stronger voice with his. Maybe they used her, hoping to bring in the younger viewers? I liked Jamie Foxx in Ray, too, but I thought his speech about G-ma whuppin him was kind of awkward.