Sunday, March 20, 2005

The lollipop gang! Posted by Hello

So this was the second attempt to get these 5 munchkins together for a group shot! The first time crashed and burned because we scheduled the appointment during nap time and the photographer sucked! Luckily, this time we were well rested (my mother, my sister and I) and the kids were in good moods, too! Then the flash got screwed up and the photographer had to fix her getting ansy... may day... MAY DAY!! We are losing them!!
L O L L I P O P S ! ! !
Who cares if they have lollipops in the picture... all five of them are in the picture and seem to be having a good time! That's capturing true life to me!!

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Bekah said...

I think the lollipops add an adorable childhood reality to the photo. No one is fake smiling or forcing a smile like kids tend to do. It's cute.