Friday, February 13, 2009

He GOT it!!

He got it! Let the angels sing - He got it!! My sweet, adorable, unassuming husband got it!! As I mentioned last week - today is the 10th anniversary of our first date and I have all kinds of plans - plans that have since even grown thanks to my sister offering to watch the kids all weekend and a friend offering to watch Woody tonight so we can spend the night away from the house - just grand plans.

I have told him all along - I don't expect anything from him except to humor me....

Well... guess what....

THIS arrived at my office this morning:

Oh I wubba love you, my sweet New York hunk of Brooklyn love!!

So here is the story - I am sure I have told it a thousand times, so here is 1000 + 1 !!

I moved to New York and was waiting tables in Times Square at the Olive Garden - yes THAT Olive Garden. I had been to 2 psychics - one in Houston and one in NY, both who had said "the one" was coming - but honestly - I just didn't remember this part until much later. The very first time I saw him - he was opening the door for me to enter the restaurant on New Year's Eve - 1998-1999. It had been a struggle to get there because well - it is Time's Square in NYC, hello?!?! He said - "I was told (by the manager) to let this pretty lady in!" Since I was there all gussied up to party, not to work, I wasn't sure if I should stay and flirt with him or thank my manager - but anyhoo - that was the only brief interaction I had with him.

Fast forward one month - I am working the lunch shift, looking like I had barely fell out of bed and onto the subway, when I notice him walking in the restaurant to do business. I holler at the hostess and gesture towards him, like, hubba wubba, who is that?!?! She walks over and says -
You have seen him before.
Uhm, no, no I haven't.
Becky - he is in here every Monday on business with the manager!
Whatever - cutie patootie (6'2-6'3 in a uniform - grrrrr)

I move on with my day. About a 1/2 hour later I am putting in an order at a kiosk and the hostess sing-song says - "Oh Becky - I have someone I would like you to meet!" I grab the kiosk with both hands and in an instant go from I am going to kill her to I have exactly 2 seconds to turn around and flash the most charming smile I own! We small talk for awhile and then I chicken shit bolt away under the guise of needing to get back to work!
Two days later he came back on a day that he normally does not come by and, unfortunately for him, a day I was not working. The day after that, another hostess says he came by the day before looking for me. I completely disregard it and say she must be mistaken, he must have been looking for someone else. Shortly after this conversation, guess who is at the front wanting to know if I am there yet? I am pretty sure I wanted to pass out. I surely know I wanted to bolt out a back door in fear and anxiety and excitement, but instead I got my crap together - found my charming smile again went to small talk with him before the lunch rush. Well, I got flustered, couldn't find my flirting groove and bolted shortly after some back and forth banter. "I gotta get back to work!" By the grace of the good Lord above - my best friend, Allison, was working the same shift with me. When she found out through the grapevine what was going on, she came to investigate and found him without me talking to him. She high tails it to the break area and (real pissed off) addresses me in the most motherly of motherly ways -
WHAT THE HELL IS WRONG WITH YOU?!?! Do you like him?
Then what the hell is your problem?
I don't know - I don't DO THAT very well -
Oh , you drive me crazy - you really like him?
Good - because I gave him your number and he is going to be calling you tonight at 7 and you better damn well pick up that phone - do you hear me?!?!

He called - and we talked and we talked and we talked. We made plans to go out on February 13, 1999. He picked me up after my lunch shift at the "OG" and we had did a walking tour of the city that ended with dinner and drinks in Brooklyn about 8 hours later.

10 years - 2 kids, a suburban 2 story house and a dog later - we are still trucking a long.

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