Thursday, February 26, 2009

Life is short... but wide....

Yesterday I had an incredibly long wait in a doctor's office (story for another post). During this incredibly long wait I read pretty much every magazine in the office - From Obama's bailout plan in Time to "who wore it better" in US, from the greatest things to do with kids for free in the Kid's directory to sex tips from Redbook. It got to a point (3 hours later) were I was reading words to read words and pass the time. It was during this meditative spelling bee that I came across this article - "You know you are an adult when..." and one of the captions was:

You know you are an adult when you realize that life is short but wide.

This phrase created an instant calming panoramic image in my brain. I pictured a mountain in front of me and then I saw this 180 degree view surrounding it. It clicked. It made so much sense to me. The mountain seems so close, too close, but when you stop and look around, there is no need to run right up to the mountain and plant the flag at the top. There are so many things to the left and the right of it. I am not saying we need to get distracted from our goals or wander off the path, what I am saying is that there is soooo much more to the picture than just the mountain. There are so many elements within the journey to celebrate, no need to get tunnel vision. There are so many different views, different paths, different choices.

Oh I am so not giving this "aha" moment justice here in words, and maybe that is important too.... maybe it is just as important for it to settle in my bones just because - no explanation needed.

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