Thursday, February 19, 2009

Rebecca needs....

Okay, so I (almost) never do these and I certainly don't tag people, but this one sounded fun and then the results... well.... hit closer to the cosmic place I call "home" than I expected. Here is the rule - you type your name + "needs" into a google search and put the top 10 results:

1. Rebecca needs enlightenment
2. Rebecca needs a prayer
3. Rebecca needs a family
4. Rebecca needs to take her contacts out
5. Rebecca needs to find out
6. Rebecca needs to stop
7. Rebecca needs you now more than ever
8. Rebecca needs a picture
9. Rebecca needs teacher of the year
10. Rebecca needs to get to the top

I tag you all - apparently the Universe speaks through google now so I send you to the fountain of knowledge in that pretty white box at the top of your screen.

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