Saturday, March 07, 2009

Biggest Loser Audition

I have been talking about this all is pretty much all I can talk, think, dream about... and today was the big day.

And well.....WE ROCKED!!!!

I mean.. hit it out of the park rocked. God was on our side and the angels were singing above... we just rocked!!

So, we get there a little after 7:00 - 3 hours before it is supposed to start - and there are already 500 people in line. Immediately I think - oh great... how the hell are we gonna do THIS?!?!? How are WE going to stick out in this group?? We pull out our chairs, bring out the magazines, and tick tock tick tock wait for the hours to go by. People are bored and slightly panicky that they are not going to meet the "only the first 500 people" threshold, so you see people walking up and down the line counting and at one point someone passed us and we were #460ish.

At around 9:30, you start to hear some raucous way at the beginning of the line. A few minutes later, we realize the production staff is sweeping the crowds with their camera trying to get those typical open casting call shots of the people in line. They go past us - crowds cheering and yelling, yadda yadda. By this time the crowd has probably swelled closer to 1000. The crew is making their way back from the back of the line to the front and they are shouting to the crowd - "Does anybody know the names of the 1st 6 winners?" yadda yadda... and people are scrambling to remember all the names, Kyle is racing in his mind and fiddling with his phone, I quickly say somethng about calling someone who could google it...yadda yadda... then the casting director asks, "Does anyone know the theme song?" The next thing I know, Kyle drops his arms to his side and belts, "WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TODAY TO MAKE YOU FEEL PROUD?!?!?!?!" I am dumbfounded - I know the song, but I can't remember the words... then the casting director rushes Kyle with the camera!!! I am standing there, mouth open when it occurs to me - START SINGING WITH HIM DUMB ASS!!! So I start singing with all my heart, the casting director pulls us out of line and gives Kyle a VIP pass to move us to the front of the line!!! I swear I heard the Chariots of Fire Theme in my head as we raced to the front of the line!!! I was so excited that I gave up our chairs to the people waiting in line since they were going to need it more than us now!!

So here we are at the front of the line. We go in and sit at a table of 10 VIP auditioners who will be the first to go in. We fill out some paper work and a former cast member - Amber from Season 4 - comes to our table to pep talk us and give moral support and tell everyone the process. Kyle and I take this opportunity to completely dominate the conversation, take pictures with her - anything to be seen and remembered.

It is time for us to go in. They have us sitting at a long table with 10 places all facing one direction - imagine a panel seated in front of an audience. The casting director asks for us to put our applications, pictures, whatever, in front of us facing him so he can go down the line and talk with each of us individually - we will have 20-30 seconds - that's it. He starts down the line - all I can think of is make it quick -make it original. He gets to Kyle - now Kyle doesn't think he did very well, but I think he did great and I gotta tell you - I am not sure they needed to see much more than Kyle singing at the top of lungs in front of 1000 people. You could tell the casting director liked the way his application/pics and DVD was organized, so I think it went great. He moves on to me. My application/pics/DVD are the same as Kyle's so he really doesn't look at that too much, but rather looks right at me. I tell him my story about coming into this world at 11 lbs - being the largest baby born to the hospital at the time and how people would come to my mom's room to meet the woman who gave birth to the biggest baby - basically I was famous for being fat. The casting director smiles and says, are you serious? Yes - yes I am. I finish up with how in my job I see how the weight loss surgeries can have major complications and I do not want to have that as my only option. DONE.

The casting director moves down the line, and I see him fiddling with the applications. I think that he is just flipping papers as a nervous thing to do while people are talking, but I realize, it looks like he is trying to organize them in an order... well, if my theory is right - Kyle and I were on top. At one point - he was talking to another person and I caught him glancing down to my application, not the person who he was talking to...

We leave the audition - and since we were the first in, the waiting crowd cheered us as we left - once again - Kyle and I take this as an opportunity to be seen and we become the King and Queen of the Mardi Gras parade - waving to everyone, saying goodbye and wishing everyone else luck. I catch the Season 4 cast member's attention and thank her for talking with us and she throws her hands to us and says "I love you guys!! I hope to see you on TV!!" -- Yeah - us too!!!

So what we found out in the process here is that it appears they are casting both season 8 & 9 - season 8 looks like it will be singles - which means we may be split up and season 9 is couples which means we may not get cast until much later. Call backs will be in Houston within the next 3 days - but even if we do not get a call - they have the DVD and we plan to send the DVD to casting in LA anyway.

Kyle said as we were leaving - there is just nothing else we could have done... we showed up and gave it our all - if they don't want it then there is nothing more we could have done.

Even if we do not get a call - I cannot tell you how wonderful this experience has been - there is soooo much more that has come about around this experience that I will get into at a later time, but the most important thing is we did it. We made up our mind and we did it... we would never have had the chance if we didn't try!

Thank you Kyle - Thank you so much for doing this with me... you will never know how much it meant to me - truly. I love you!!

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