Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Oh the pain.... the A-GO-NEEEEE!!!

Uhm, so it happened. It has happened before, but it was all in fun... adorable comments made under giggled breath.....

But not this time... this time was for REAL!!

I was dropping Max off at his Spring Break hangout yesterday. We opted to have him go to the extended day program through his school, rather then have him go to daycare with his baby brother. They had big plans and field trips and it was way cooler (and cheaper, for that matter!).

Well - he was a baby fish in a big kids pond. He was uber excited to be there, races ahead of me, heads to a play table to start off a day of FUN FUN FUN!! I wander in after him, sign him in and go to say goodbye......I lean down to kiss his cheek and get the iciest, coldest, grittiest through the teeth response I have ever heard come out of my precious 6 yr old angel's mouth:


I realize he is embarrassed by me. ME?!?!?! HIS MOTHER?!?!?!


Oh no... it has come - the "I'm too old and you are embarrassing me in front of the big kids" routine. Today I tried to get my goodbye kiss in the car - but apparently the big kids have a sixth sense and would KNOW that a mommy was trying to kiss on a little kid in the parking lot, therefore, once again I was denied!!

...he will come back... they always do... they always come back for snuggle time eventually.....


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