Friday, March 13, 2009

Forgive me, Father....

.. For I hath turned my back on a promise!!

So yes... I did say I was going to blog every day for Lent and in the past few days I have been silent. It has been a combination of things... but mostly coming off of the high of last week's events has left me slightly exhausted and needing to re-group and spend some time in the real world, rather than the virutal one. I was gone from my house every day for a week preparing for the audition and working on the audition tape. This absence led to a messy house, piled up laundry, and clingy children. Even the dog would panic a little when I would pick up my keys or purse to put them away.

You see, I am a homebody. I enjoy being at home and being with my family and my family knows this. They know their needs and desires come first and so when I was gone, they all sat aimlessly at the door hoping I would re-enter it soon. And I did too. It was wonderful... amazing... getting my creative juices flowing again, but I am out of practice. I am not used to living on 4 hours of sleep a night for several nights in a row.

So.. this week, I crashed a little .. it got cold and rainy and the most fabulous place in the world was snuggly in my blanket spending time with all my boys.

But I am back....

And for the record... no I have not heard anything about the audition... and I do not expect to for along time if ever. I promise to share any news here, but for now, we are at peace that the seed is in the ground and hopefully it will grow. We will trust in the process. If it is meant to be.. it will be.

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