Friday, March 20, 2009

He has it all figured out....

So it's Friday of Spring Break.... to my boys it has been a rough week. Mommy has taken advantage of the fact that Max is in an extended day Spring Break program and has worked long hours. SO to them - they have been at "school" ALL DAY - not just until 3:00 like regular.

Well, this morning, Ben (4) comes wandering into the bed (where I have not managed to get out of yet) and we have the following conversation:

Mommy - is today a no school day?
No - today we go to school.
Mommy - I don't want to go to school today.
I know - but today is the last school day before we get 2 no school days.
NOOOOOO!!! Mommy - I just want to stay home today!!!
I know - mommy does to, but mommy has to work, so that means you have to go to school.
You don't have to work!
Oh yes I do... we have to have money!
We don't need money.
Okay - well, if we don't have money, then we can't live here in our nice house with our nice pool and all your toys.
That's okay.
Really?!? And how about food? How will we buy food?
Uhm - we will just eat bananas and coconuts... Oh I KNOW!! (getting real excited with his plan) And then, we will have a BIG circle that we can run and run and run (referring to the island, I am thinking)and then if it starts to rain or if it gets too hot, we just walk into the trees in the forest and they will protect us. Yeah...(satisfied the plan is doable) I really like bananas....
Well.... that sounds wonderful - really it does - but right now mommy can't even afford the plane ticket or the boat we would need to get there!
OH!!!!!! (frustrated... thinks a few moments and changes tactics).... Mommy my tummy hurts - I CAN'T go to school today!!
Nice try - get your butt up and get dressed - we gotta go!!

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