Friday, October 09, 2009


Dear Breast Cancer Awareness People,

Uhm.... I think that there is enough pink in the world. I hear your cause. I believe in your cause. I look bad in pink - and I do not want a pink blender. And unless you live in some apt or house built in the 1950's and you are cursed with the pepto bismal pink and lime green subway tiles - I don't think anyone else wants a pink blender either. Isn't printing a ribbon on it enough?

Yours Truly,
The rainbow

Dear Norway,

Really??? I mean, I like the guy too... but really? I think even President Obama gasped and did a double take when he saw the news this morning. Please let's not give right wing fanatics any more fuel to add to their imaginary fire, please?

Best Regards,
She who is dizzy from reading the news scroll at the bottom of her screen

Dear Walt,

We tried - really we did - Kyle and I got tickets - we showed up early - 30 minutes early - to an 8:00 curtain - NOT A 7:00 CURTAIN!!! I am so sorry we missed your show!

Your friend who can't read the time

Dear Scale,

BITE ME! 1 hour workouts, 6 out of 7 days - and not one damn pound.... luckily you are one of those big doctor's scales at the Y, otherwise you might have had a date with a window.

- Pissed off newbie on this journey

Dear Biggest Loser Season Cast,

You can all go home now - I am done with all of you. I am done with all of your crying. I am done with all of your quitting and triumphant returns. I am done with your well fed and rehearsed lines during your personal one on one interviews.

Rejected wannabe

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