Monday, October 12, 2009


The weathermen are teasing me....
Everyday it is a different story. One day they say on Friday and Saturday it is supposed to be sunny and great. Next day - strong front - big rains! I know they have no clue and they are pretty much shaking the magic 8 ball right before the stage manager cues them to camera 3 - but please - PLEASE!! Mama worked real hard pulling all our crap out of the closets and attics for this one. Mike has taken time off of work, I have ridden on my emotional hormonal roller coaster and I am wobbling down the yellow brick road of acceptance. Even the boys reached down deep and gave up some terribly annoying, err uhm, I mean precious childhood toys, and we can actually see their floor now. Good times, people, GOOD TIMES!!
Now I just want to reap the rewards - and not the "Gee, I feel so good about myself!" rewards - the cold hard cash kind. The kind that will help Santa get his big belly down the chimney with gifts for the children. Come on - COME ON!! I know there are worse situations out there right now - like you poor people North of the Mason Dixon line that have had snow until June and now you are being walloped again in early October. I know I should be thankful for rain since we have been in a drought. But 2 days - 2 little days - and not even full days - just like until 2 or 3 in the afternoon. Then you can rain all you like....please? please? Puh, puh, puh please?!?!?!?

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