Wednesday, October 28, 2009

So Close!

Oh so close, yet so far away! Here I am days away from my goal and I completely forgot about this dear ole blog last night.
I'll tell ya why I forgot... the wall street ticker in my brain is pulsating with information as I race to finish details for Max's Birthday Party and accept my mother of the year award!... Okay, just joking. I did (once again) disregard all time management skills and forced way to much into my October. Garage Sale, Conference, Birthday party, Halloween, SMASH, CRASH, BOOM!!
And to make things worse.... to add to everyone else who has waited until the last minute to do whatever Halloween costume shopping or whatever - the Walmart out here has chosen NOW to remodel. Every two days they have moved everything. You walk in looking for a very specific list of items and you walk out exhausted because you had to look near the tires to find the cereal. I bought items I didn't need and forgot half of my list because the store wasn't set up like my pre-arranged list, so by the time I made it to the front of the store, my child is crying with pain because he has to use the restroom, I have a cart so heavy I can't push and I STILL don't have everything I need.

And the worst part.....Ben has already begun his... "Well, when it's MY birthday party...."

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