Saturday, October 24, 2009

Hello Pot....

So Max was sick yesterday and today. It started when he got home from school yesterday. I didn't go straight home from work yesterday- so by the time I saw him last night before bed time, things had gone somewhat downhill. My mother, who had picked him up from school warned me.. he has a bit of a cough. Well, by last night we had a tummy ache, headache, and we asked for soup even though his favorite- PIZZA - was sitting right there for him - so I knew something was wrong- Max NEVER refuses pizza.

So he slept with me last night. All night long he moaned and coughed. No fever, no achy-ness - but you could tell, he just didn't feel well. Well, let me tell you.... I spent most of last night running every H1N1 email, news clip, or Internet article article over and over in my brain:
It comes on quick - yeah - but he is not that bad
H1N1 is mostly a cough - ok - he has a cough, but he is not in respiratory distress.
Mothers stated that within hours their child went from a slight cough to being in the ICU - Oh, God - I am soooo not getting any sleep tonight

Over an over in my head I would point then counter point. Every hour I would lovingly rub on him checking for fever, luckily it never came. All day today, Max would go through bursts of boredom, "I wanna play" quickly followed by me turning around looking for him and finding him snuggled under the blanket in the TV room.

This is the part of motherhood that s-u-c-k-s. And honestly, I have had both of these kids much sicker than this... but that was not when every newscast talks about how bad this flu is and how terrible it for kids. All right... before you go all "I told you so!" or "what a minute, isn't this the same chick who just blogged not to freak out about the piggy flu" ..."it's just a cold" she said....well, I did say at the end of that post that I reserved the right to say I was full of s&%# and I would bathe myself, my family and anyone who came near me in a Germ-X bath. I still think most people with H1N1 only suffer mildly and recover just fine - but I don't want to be in the small percentage including the young ones who don't. I know no one does. So I lay in my bed, a sleepless night, listening to a moan-y cough and checking for fever, and having angel/devil conversations in my head - that's what I do - because I am supposed to - I am a mom.

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