Friday, October 30, 2009

Not the Official Halloween Post....

And so it begins....

Like the 12 days of Christmas in most families... Halloween goes on and on in our house. Costumes from previous years are brought out through out the year and played with (even though they are many sizes to small in some cases). The costumes become so beloved that the past two years my children chose to add to their Darth Vader and Storm Trooper costumes rather than pick new ones. They wanted to do the same thing this year - but alas - I need different costumes just to be able to tell the years apart in the pictures, so I forced them to pick something new.

Here was Ben this morning.... he was so excited that he refused to wear his jacket because it would ruin the effect as he walked into school.

A hilarious side note - he put his back pack on and wanted the cape on the outside, so I helped him. This caused a huge blue hump to appear on his back under the cape. Without skipping a beat, he hunched over and altered his voice and said - "Master... master... what can I do for you master?!?!" in his best hunch back imitation. People... he is 4. Okay - he is almost 5, but still!! I nearly fell over laughing... how do these kids come up with this crap?!?!?

Max didn't get to wear costumes to school today - but here are some pics from some hilarious costumes we uhm ... acquired, from one of my sister's garage sales.... they are terribly fun and HILARIOUS!!! They are those blow up kind -

Any hoo.... everyone have a safe and fun Halloween!! More pics later!!

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