Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Uhm... not so much....

Yesterday I did not get to the gym in the afternoon as I normally do on Mondays. So we went as a family later in the evening. Now the grand plan in my mind is to eventually get to a place where I am doing weights during the time Max has his class on Monday/Wednesday and then we come back as a family later in the evening and I will do a cardio class while Mike does whatever and the kids go to their zones.... that is my grand plan. Now I am also smart enough to know I gotta work my way up there. But - since we were there late and it was right around the time the 7:00 cardio class was to begin - I thought - just do it - go ahead. Give it a try and see how hard it is and then you can gauge when you are ready for it. It is not like I can't do these things - I just spent 3 months this summer rehearsing and performing a bunch of singing and dancing numbers - but those are: you work for 5 minutes - take a break - you do it again - you stop - you do it slowly - you pick up the pace - not an hour of constant movement.
So I have some time to kill and I am walking on the treadmill psyching myself out. You can do this = just do it. They are supportive here. This is a family oriented place. They are not going to snub their noses at your fat a^$# trying to keep up - just do it... just do it... So it is 5 minutes to 7:00. I get off the tread mill and tell my husband where I am going, and I head down the hall. I notice a bunch of people waiting - all different types of people - from hot young guys to older fit women. I get a little intimidated, so I take a moment and head into the ladies room. What the hell are young guys doing in this class? I mean - okay - it is supposed to be a hip hop dance aerobic class, but dude what are you doing in this class?!??! Don't worry about it - you can do this - you have rhythm - you won't make THAT big of a fool of yourself. I take care of business, re-group my thoughts - you can do it, you can do it - and head to the group. I try unsuccessfully to blend into the wall when a nice older black woman asks me, "Are you gonna try the kick boxing class tonight?

Uh, hubba whubba, what?!?!? Kick boxing class... uhm..... noooooooo. I would love to, really, I would - but I think I am going to build a little more stamina before I jump into this this class... you see, clearly I can't read because I thought tonight was the dance aerobic class which of course is WEDNESDAY at 7:00. Have a great class!!!

... and then I bee-lined my a&%$ back to the cardio machines for 40 minutes......

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