Sunday, October 30, 2005

Falling back

I wish to thank my blessed children for realizing the joys of "Fall Back Saturday" , or better, "Fall Back Sunday morning" and sleeping until 7:45, which according to their clocks, and more importantly OUR clocks, meant 8:45.

And thank you to my loving husband who let me take a 3 hour nap this afternoon.

Here is the difference from my 20 year old self and my 30 yr old self when it comes to this weekend:

20 yr old: took advantage of the night by gong out drinking one extra hour
30 yr old: took advantage of the night by going to Sears and buying a double oven that was on sale only until Sat night.

20 yr old: slept until whenever and pretty much kept sleeping all day until Sunday night.
30 yr old: contemplate spiking children's night time drinks with Benedryl in hopes that it will keep them asleep longer in the morning.

20 yr old: Take advantage of the fact that you got so much "rest" all day, and go out on Sunday night. Besides you didn't have class until 10:00 on Monday anyway.
30 yr old: take 3 hr nap then wake up, race through the house cleaning and doing laundry, realize that 3 hr nap did nothing and made no deposit into sleep bank which is way in the negative.

20 yr old: Sunday night, shots.
30 yr old: Sunday night, folding laundry and blogging thinking of 20 yr old self and trying to remember what it was like to have that much energy.

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