Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Our First Monster

Max: Mommy.... (over baby monitor)
- moment -
Max: M O M M Y !!!
Me: Yes sir....
Max: Ders a monster...
Me: No honey, there are no monsters.
Max: Yes, mommy, ders a monster!
Me: Where, baby? Where did you see a monster?
Max: Over der (pointing to the closet)
Mike: What's the problem?
Me: Apparently there is a monster in the closet.
Mike: A monster! I'll get 'em...
(Very dramatically...Mike grabs this glow in the dark, light-saber type thing and turns it on in the closet)
Mike: Monsters don't like this thing! I don't see anything, but if he comes back you just turn this on and he'll go away!
Max: Thanks, Daddy!
Me: (melt)

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