Wednesday, October 26, 2005

So he needed a little privacy...

I truly belive that motherhood in 90% divine intervention and 10% ingenuity.
So, remember the big boy bike post? Well that was the one and only time he pooped in the potty. He rode the bike, realized it was no big deal and continued to poop in his pants. I probably would have had more patience if my 3 year old didn't create a stink that his father could envy and cause me to move out of the house.
So we tried bribing, begging, screaming... all the same end result. He would out and out panic at the thought of pooping in the potty. Full out terror cries. "No mommy, I can't... I CAN't POO POO IN THE P-O-T-T-Y!!!!" He knows when he has to go, WE know when he has to go... he would look at us with concern and run somewhere private, take care of his business and then come tell us to clean him up. I just didn't get it...."You tell mommy and daddy when you have to pee pee in the potty. Why can't you tell us when you have to poo poo in the potty? And mommy and daddy can help you!"
Well the proverbial shit hit the fan on Monday when we had such a fit and Mommy could not handle it (see below post concerning loss of patience due to loss of carbs). Daddy had to take Max outside with him and have a talk Man to Man about the potty situation ( and I am sure he enlightened him on the mommy situation, too, but that is between them). Just when I thought that, yes, he is going to go to college with poop in his pants, a divine angel must have laid her hand on my shoulder and whispered in my ear..." You are doing this all wrong.... it is not about the poop... you need to find what else is going on."
So I made a deal with Max.... mommy is going to move the potty into his room (where he usually likes to hide). When he needs to go, he can come in here and do it by himself. So last night, it happened.. the panic look and the run to his room... we all follow.. including Ben.... total fit... Damnit, I thought this would work! Nothing. Few minutes later... again, panic, run, Daddy still in his room, total fit.


"You know what buddy, We are gonna step out of the room, you just sit down on the potty and let us know if you need us...."

We exit out of the room and hide just beyond the door frame.

Grunt... Groan....

"Mommy!! Daddy!!! I POO POO IN THE POTTY!!! ALL BY M'SELF!!!! I did it ! I did it!!"

Full out poo poo in the potty party commenced at our house!

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