Monday, October 10, 2005

They Called

102.1 fever

Trip to MD and $25 later

Halloween pencil for Max
Toll house ice cream cookie bar thingys for me

Amoxicillan- down the hatch
Prednisone-down the hatch
Mike : "You mean he actually likes the medicine?" ( Must he jinx everything?)
Ben shudder
- moment -
Ben shudder
Ben projectile vomits amoxixillan, prednisone, popsicle, apple sauce and socks.
Call Karen
Me: "Is she fucking serious? How the hell am I supposed to give this 2x a day for 4 days?"
Karen: "She's not.. have you tried it?"
Me: "No"
Karen: "Try it"
Me: "No"
Karen: "T R Y I T ! ! ! "
Me slightly tapping surface of medicine and placing on my tongue - shudder
Me: "Mike try this"
Mike: "No"
Me: "Try it"
Mike: "No"
Me: "T R Y I T ! ! ! "
Mike - shudder

Create some sort of Prednisone and grape jelly shot with Pepsi chaser
Get approximately 1/4 of the amount I am supposed to get down his throat down while he viloently keeps shaking his head no and slapping my hands out of his face.

10 months old and he will never trust me again....

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