Wednesday, October 15, 2008

1:30 AM

Roll over to a rush of wind going past my bed and lights being turned on in my bathroom. I wipe the sleep out of my eyes to see Max casually turning the shower on and getting naked. I force myself out of bed and ask:

Uhm.... honey... what are you doing?
I threw up down the stairs.

Mike bolts out of bed to check the damage on the stairs. I help Max get into the shower, cleaned up and into fresh Pj's.

We get back to bed and Mike and I toss and turn all night... I fell asleep somewhere between 3 and 4... I am not sure because I just stopped looking at the clock.

Just for the record... throw up on flat surfaces sucks.... throw up on stairs really, really sucks....

WHY do I have the THROW up kids??? It is not like he has any stomach issues, it was just a little post nasal drip that gagged him and he threw up.... because that is what my kids do... they throw up.....I am so tired of the throw up.

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