Saturday, October 18, 2008

I do it to myself

But the truth is... I like it.

I really do. I know it is exhausting and I know that I should hold back and pace myself better, but I feel like if I stop, I have stopped and I can't get going again. I know the grace in resting, but I also know the joy of opportunity. And Fall presents itself with lots of opportunity for me, it always does, and I happily load up the calendar and pray the post it notes stay stuck.

The weekends from here through the rest of the year are pretty much accounted for. Not with major events EACH weekend, but I can name something we have to do or something we should do each weekend. And it excites me.... I get excited when setting up my hurdles and then I get a little rush after I have cleared them... take that TO DO LIST!!

The problem happens when I don't clear the hurdle and I find myself on the floor of the track bruised and bleeding a little from the knees and elbows, or if I turn around and see my family can't seen to jump over the high hurdles as well as I can. But I think I am learning my lessons. I think I am learning to brush off the mistakes and walk around hurdles with little to no guilt residue. I think I am learning that there is nothing wrong with making the plans and taking the opportunity, but there is also nothing wrong with putting on your Pj's and piling 4 across in the king size bed to watch Star Wars for the ump-teenth time while waiting for the pizza dude.

Life is good.....

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